wiTECH 1 / DRB III Enhanced Emulator Dealership Requirements

FCA requires the use of the wiTECH Diagnostic Application (wiTECH 1) to launch DRB III Enhanced Emulator for diagnostics on legacy bus ECUs and vehicles.  All dealerships should have at least one microPOD 2 with the first three serial letters WSP dedicated for use with wiTECH 1 / DRB III Enhanced Emulator.

The wiTECH Diagnostic Application (wiTECH 1) can be downloaded and installed on a Windows PC from DealerCONNECT (DealerCONNECT > Service > wiTECH Information (Under the SERVICE TOOLS & EQUIPMENT section) > Legacy Tools > wiTECH Software Installer).  Installation instructions are also found in this DealerCONNECT location.


For general diagnostic tool to vehicle year model reference, please see the article: Vehicle to Diagnostic Tool Reference Chart 

For DRB III Enhanced Emulator requirements, see the article:  Enhanced DRB III Emulator 

For a list of vehicles that require multiple diagnostic tools for diagnostics, see:  Legacy Vehicles Not Fully Supported with wiTECH 2.0 

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