Road Test - How-to

Q:  Since wiTECH 2.0 requires an active internet connection, how do I complete a road test?

*Note: If your MicroPOD is not already connected to a network you will want to make sure the MicroPOD Setup Utility is open in the background. Open the MicroPOD Setup Utility and leave it open until you connect the MicroPOD to a wireless network. When you have finished setting up the wireless profile, click “Cancel” to close the MicroPOD Setup Utility.


A:  Road testing with wiTECH 2.0 can be completed using a cellular hotspot device by performing the following steps:

  1. Enable the Hotspot network on your wireless device
    1. For Apple iOS:
    2. For Android: Refer to the phone manufacturer site or visit:
  2. Configure the microPOD device to connect to the Hotspot
    1. On wiTECH2 Vehicle Selection screen, select the gear in the top right of the microPOD device you wish to configure
    2. On the Device Configuration Settings page, select the Network dropdown
    3. Select the Hotspot network from the list of available networks
      1. On 1st connection to the hotspot, you will be required to enter network security details
    4. If using a computer or tablet without a Cellular Connection, configure the computer or tablet to the Hotspot network
    5. Complete road test
    6. Return the microPOD device to the Dealership Network by selecting the gear in Vehicle Selection and accessing the Device Configuration Settings page

For detailed steps, please see the following KB:  How to Configure a microPOD for a Mobile Hotspot 

See the following for the video form of this article:  Video - How-to use wiTECH 2.0 on a Road Test / Hotspot

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